Italian Political Science IPS


Book Reviews for Vol. 12 Issue 1 include:

Maurizio Carbone and Jan Orbie, The Trade-Development Nexus in the European Union. Differentiation, coherence and norms
Reviewed by Giuseppe Gabusi (University of Turin)

Lorenzo Cladi and Andrea Locatelli (eds.), International Relations Theory and European Security. We Thought We Knew
Reviewed by Andrea Carati (University of Milan)

Fabrizio Coticchia and Francesco N. Moro, The Transformation of Italian Armed Forces in Comparative Perspective. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome?
Reviewed by Marco Valigi (University of Bologna)

Manlio Graziano, Guerra santa e santa alleanza. Religioni e disordine internazionale nel XXI secolo
Reviewed by Emidio Diodato (Università per Stranieri di Perugia)

Simona Piattoni, The European Union. Democratic Principles and Institutional Architectures in Times of Crisis
Reviewed by Francesca Longo (University of Catania)

Andrea Pritoni, Poteri forti? Banche e assicurazioni nel sistema politico italiano
Reviewed by Orazio Lanza (University of Catania)

Donatella M. Viola, Routledge Handbook of European Elections
Reviewed by Francesco Raniolo (University of Calabria)