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IPS publishes intellectually stimulating and conceptually rigorous contributions on all areas relevant to Political science. All articles include a focus on contemporary Italy, either considered as a case-study or in comparative or European perspective.

Special Issue: IPS Vol. 13 Issue 1

Who’s the winner? An analysis of the 2018 Italian general election

After a turbulent legislature, characterised by the alternation of three different coalition governments led by the Democratic Party, the failure of the Constitutional referendum, and the approval of a new mixed-member electoral system, Italy faces a new general election in a context of high political uncertainty. Will the result of the election provide a parliamentary majority for the new government? Will a more fragmented party system create a parliamentary deadlock? What will be the political consequences of the widespread anti-political sentiment of the Italian voters? These are just a few of the many interesting questions that describe the context of the 2018 Italian general election.
In its first issue of 2018, Italian Political Science (IPS) hosts a special issue on the analysis of this critical election edited by Vincenzo Emanuele.

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