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In memoriam, Pietro Grilli di Cortona, SISP President

The president of the Italian Political Science Association (SISP), the cherished colleague Pietro Grilli di Cortona, passed away on the night of July 15th. Considered by all his peers an eminent scholar in democratization studies, with a keen emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe, he also ventured into the comparative studies of nationalism and party systems in Europe.

However brief his term as SISP President was, he warmly embraced IPS importance and dedicated himself towards its growth. The editors and editorial staff offer their deepest condolences and sympathies to Pietro’s family and friends as we share the hardship of his lost.

As a kind, distinguished, and respected person he shall be missed and celebrated by the entire Italian political science community.

The IPS Editorial Board:
Stefania Panebianco, Francesco Zucchini
Marco Brunazzo, Nicolò Conti
Carla Monteleone, Manuela Moschella

In Memoriam of Aldo Di Virgilio

Aldo Di Virgilio has left us almost on tiptoe. It is not far-fetched to consider that it all occurred precisely in the style he had made his own: with discretion and a sense of measure. Hence, the surprise and dismay that struck his many friends and colleagues who had not yet learned the news of his illness. But even those who were closest to him, as I was, and knew of the uphill battle he was fighting could not imagine such a swift epilog. With these pages, his friends and colleagues, not only Italian, wish to recall his contribution to political science research and honor his memory as a scholar with a work that has the merit of looking beyond the sad occasion that inspired it.