In Memoriam: Antonio Papisca

Antonio Papisca, emeritus professor of Padova University, died on May 16, 2017.

Antonio Papisca was one of the forerunners of the discipline of International Relations in Italy and amongst the first Italian full professors. In the 1970s, when he was professor at the University of Catania, he paved the way to the study of the European Community/Union and its political system. Since then, he played a major role in the establishment and development of the European community of scholars committed to study EC/EU politics. He was the promoter of the group that led to the creation, growth and consolidation of the Jean Monnet Action in Italy and in Europe.

Thanks to him, the study of European integration entered the agenda of political scientists. His application of concepts and analytical tools drawn from the Eastonian analysis of the political system have prompted research on EU political processes, in particular the processes regarding European elections and those concerning party politics in the European Parliament.

He has then dedicated all his energies to the study of human rights. He founded two Research Centres, namely the European Inter-University Center of Human Rights (EIUC) in Venice and the Human Rights Center of Padova University, and was awarded a UNESCO Chair on Human rights, democracy and peace. All these initiatives have inevitably provided the decisive impetus for the emergence of a stream of studies and a set of actions that go beyond the mere academic world. Indeed, they have long been – and still are – a point of reference for many civil society associations, political organizations, domestic and local institutions.

Fulvio Attinà, University of Catania.

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