[CfP] IPSA World Congress 2016 – Open Panel: The EU Management of Insecurity Complexes in the Mediterranean

A call for paper is open for submissions to the panel «The EU Management of Insecurity Complexes in the Mediterranean» at the 24th World Congress of Political Science IPSA, Istanbul, July 23-28, 2016. The panel is part of the Research Committe 03 on European Unification and is being organised by Stefania Panebianco and Rosa Rossi of the University of Catania.

This panel seeks to explore inequalities and imbalances in the Mediterranean. The combination of transnational threats and challenges derived by international terrorism, human trafficking, civil conflicts, natural disasters, global pandemics, illegal immigration, etc. have an impact on the crisis management structures of the EU and member States. The cooperation and coordination policies of the EU and the Member States are blurred by the activities carried out by informal actors, organized crime groups, transnational networks, terrorists, NGOs. The European (in)capability in responding to such insecurities complexes rising in the Mediterranean seems to reflect a more long-term and global crisis of the existing international institutions and legal instruments. The erosion of the state sovereignty with the decrease of the traditional sources of legitimacy and the outcomes of the growth of inequalities among and within countries affect the governance of such risks beyond borders. The panel, moving from the contemporary International Relations debates, aims to collect papers either theoretically or empirically grounded that focus on such global and local challenges to the EU Management of Insecurity Complexes in the Mediterranean.

The deadline for the submission of paper proposals is October 7, 2015. More information on the submission procedure is available at the conference’s website. Interested authors can contact the panel convenors for further details and information.

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