The 2014 ECPR Jean Blondel Prize

Each year, the ECPR recognises the most outstanding thesis in politics with the Jean Blondel prize. The winner of the prize has the opportunity, after a full-peer review, to publish their work within the ECPR Press Monographs series. Plus, the winner will receive €1,000. Past winners included Virginie van Ingelgom, Didier Caluwaerts and Julian Wucherpfennig, Christian Rauh and the 2014 winner was Carolina Plescia.

ECPR Full member institutions are invited to nominate one candidate’s thesis, which must be sent in a PDF format. The submission must comprise (as three separate PDF files):

  • A letter from the Official Representative or Head of Department of the member institution at which the doctorate was conferred;
  • A 15 to 20-page abstract, in English, outlining the main arguments of the work. The abstract should outline:
    • the subject of the thesis;
    • its main findings and arguments;
    • its principal conclusions;
  • The table of contents of the thesis, also in English.

The submission should be emailed to Marcia Taylor by 1 February 2015. After the judging panel has deliberated, the winner will be announced on 30 September 2015.

Further information about the nomination procedure can be found here.

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