Co-Editor at ECPR’s «European Political Science Review» (deadline: 1 July 2014)

European Political Science Review (EPSR) was launched in 2009 and has established itself as a leading journal in the field of general political science. It publishes original research of the highest quality from leading political scientists worldwide, and features work from the best scholars, including young scholars, in the discipline. EPSR is not restricted to a particular methodology or regional focus, but is wide-ranging and broad-minded, embracing all key themes and approaches.

The journal is published by the ECPR and Cambridge University Press, bringing together the experience and expertise of two leading organisations devoted to advancing political science research.

The ECPR is seeking a political scientist with a PhD and at least three years’ professional experience in teaching or research. The successful candidate will have an international reputation and a wide range of contacts across Europe and the rest of the world, as well as a commitment to the development of the EPSR. All applicants must be in the employ of an ECPR member institution. To check whether their institution holds ECPR membership, applicants can visit the Membership website.

Further details can be found here. Interested applicants should email their CV, plus a letter outlining ideas they have regarding the development of the journal, to Rebecca Gethen. Applicants are invited to use this email address for any other enquiries about the post. Closing date for applications has been extended to 1 July 2014.

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