Welcome address of the new co-editors

Italian Political Science (IPS) is the professional journal of the Italian political science community. It was created in 2007 by the generous efforts of Maurizio Cotta with Giliberto Capano and the IPS editorial staff. In 2013 it passed under our direction and we are honored to fulfill this challenging task. We are pleased to have set up an editorial board composed of experienced researchers who will bring in their knowledge of different sub-areas of the discipline.

So far the SISP online journal has been a new and unique tool to inform our scientific community about many ‘professional’ topics. As new editors, we intend to follow the same path and strengthen the dissemination of the journal nationally and internationally. At the same time, readers will find some new sections.

IPS will issue two numbers per year and will address a broad range of topics. Each issue will focus upon a relevant topic. The one selected for the current issue is crucial for the scientific and professional community of political scientists: research assessment. The other sections of the on-line journal provide relevant information on teaching and research. The current issue deals specifically with PRIN research projects. A specific ‘News’ section is devoted to calls for, job placements, new research projects, awards, members’ career advancements and events, etc.

Since IPS will go hand in hand with the Italian Political Science Review/RISP that is being published entirely in English, IPS will host the completely new section ‘Books review’ inherited from RISP. We believe that through reviews written in English and published in a completely online journal, books authored by Italian Political Scientists will reach a much wider audience. This notwithstanding, IPS also welcomes reviews of books by international scholars dealing with relevant topics. All interested authors are warmly invited to send their books directly to Stefania Panebianco.

By taking advantage of new technological tools, the new IPS web-site will host not only the on-line journal but also multimedia contents such as videos, blogs, etc.

The editors will employ the same quality criteria adopted so far to select the articles to be published. However, alongside traditional scientific contributions the genres ‘interview’ and ‘debate’ will find due space in the journal in order to foster academic networking and to allow an open and frank exchange of views among scholars. Ideally, IPS intends to address topics that will intrigue any political scientist – Italians or foreign scholars interested in the Italian political science community – and to help strengthen the sense of belonging to the community.

Italian political science has grown quantitatively and qualitatively and deserves a professional journal that is quick, flexible and helpful. We hope to be up to the task. We will give it all. All readers’ help is more than welcome!!

Stefania (Panebianco) & Francesco (Zucchini)
IPS co-editors

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