Italian Political Science <p><strong>Italian Political Science (IPS)</strong>&nbsp;is an open-access peer-reviewed quarterly journal dedicated to deepening the understanding of political phenomena relevant for political scientists and a wider public, including journalists, policy-makers, policy analysts, political activists and all those who have an interest in politics.</p> <p>IPS publishes&nbsp;<strong>intellectually stimulating and conceptually rigorous contributions</strong>&nbsp;on all areas relevant to Political science. All articles include a focus on contemporary Italy, either considered as a case-study or in comparative or European perspective.</p> Società Italiana di Scienza Politica - Italian Association of Political Science en-US Italian Political Science 2420-8434 We did it well enough. Systemic reforms, changes in recruitment procedures, and the evolution of Italian political science <p>Italian political science has been evolving over time dealing with various reforms and changes in the structure of academic career and procedures for recruitment that have characterized the last decades of the Italian university system. This paper reflects on how these&nbsp; changes have challenged the foundational identity of Italian political science and how they have influenced its development as a community of scholars. It emerges that at least three relevant dynamics emerge:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; the shift from a national and centralized community to &nbsp;a set of &nbsp;“glocal” networks of scholars; the capacity to perform relatively well, from a qualitative point of view; the risk that the capacity to reproduce the discipline identity, or at least its foundational core, could be significantly weakened.</p> Giliberto Capano Copyright (c) 2021 Giliberto Capano 2021-02-03 2021-02-03 15 3 1 11